Introducing the New Agency by Design Website

Welcome to the new Agency by Design website! Because the new website is so rich with content and features, we think it might be helpful to take you on a tour to get a sense of all it has to offer. The new site boasts 29 educator tools and practices that accompany the Agency by Design framework for maker-centered learning, featured documentation and assessment resources highlighting the most recent phases of work, Agency by Design media and publications, and project and funder pages to highlight the Origin Project, Early Childhood in the Making, and Making Across the Curriculum. The video below walks you through the elements of the site and gives an overview of each page.

The site was designed by the three of us, Matt Riecken, Jessica Ross, and Sarah Sheya, along with tremendous support from the Agency by Design team at Project Zero. As Digital Learning Specialist at Project Zero, Matt makes the magic happen; he built this beautiful site. Thank you for visiting, enjoy exploring, and let us know what you think @AgencybyDesign!

This blog was published on October 15, 2018.
Authored by
Matthew Riecken

Matt is Project Zero's Digital Learning Specialist. 

Jessica Ross

Jessica Ross is a researcher and Project Manager on the Agency by Design project.


Sheya is Principal Instigator of the JusticexDesign project and co-director of the Making Across the Curriculum Consortium.