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The new AbD trailer explores looking closely and finding complexity through maker-centered learning.

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AbD Team Releases Emergent Findings

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Agency by Design’s Learning Community

From practice to theory, and back

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Maker-centered teaching tools

AbD Thinking Routines
Agency by Design research assistants Sarah May (left) and Amy Hachigian (right) met regularly to engage in the complex process of making sense of the AbD interview data.

Exploring Complexity in Qualitative Research: Designing a System for Collaborative Analysis

Agency by Design research assistant Sarah May explores the complex nature of working with qualitative data based on her experiences collaboratively coding and analyzing AbD’s interview transcripts.

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Developing Professional Learning Communities to Support Maker-Centered Learning

AbD Senior Practitioner Jessica Ross discusses the role of professional learning communities in supporting the work of maker-centered educators.



Excited to begin our day with @AbDOakland at @Chapter510 #makered

Excited to begin our day with @AbDOakland at @Chapter510 #makered

Excited to begin our day with @AbDOakland at @Chapter510 #makered